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Claudia Polanska, founder of Polanska Studio, fashion and commercial photographer based in Sydney. I started my photographic journey 16 years ago back in Poland when my uncle showed me how to use my first camera. Then my artistic soul started waking up and I decided to learn more at Academy of Photography in the capitol of Poland, Warsaw.

After receiving my Masters Degree in Advertising and Fashion Photography I sharpened my skills and gained experience while working as a photographer in UK, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Austria, Spain, Germany and now in Sydney where I work and live.

Over the years, I have worked as a producer, photographer and content creator with a number of major clients including actors, modelling and advertising agencies, magazines and brands.

I love working with people and enjoy seeing them evolve through out my photoshoots and I believe my keen interest in psychology and easy going personality is what helps me bring out the best in people I am working with.

Paul King



Paul King, who joined our team 3 years ago is our videographer, editor and production assistant. His background and experience working on film sets in Poland and here in Australia brings his passion and enthusiasm to filmmaking to every project we do. 

Soy flat white drinker.




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