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Prepping Yourself

For A Photo Shoot


Preparation. The key to achieving success in anything we do is preparation. Not just a half-hearted attempt but a researched, planned, and thoughtful process and we don’t forget to have a fun while doing it too.  And you should too,  go have fun while preparing and give yourself some TLC!


Clean, even and healthy skin can really make a difference on time spent in post. A little effort can make a difference. It starts with sleeping at least eight hours a night and drinking plenty of water. It will help you look fresh and your lips will thank your for that too. Using good moisturiser twice a day a week leading to shoot is a very good idea. If you have a problem with acne, you may want to stop using creams that will dry out the skin which in turn will cause exfoliation if the makeup artist uses hard brushes. Use a peeling cream/shower gel to exfoliate and clean skin one to two days before shoot.


Chipped nails aren’t your best look so for a photo shoot we recommend a clear or neutral nail polish in order to not distract attention from your face. A one colour palette is the safest bet. The same goes for your toe nails especially when you want to bring your open hills or want to go barefoot. 


Always make sure you have the correct underwear for your shoot. Nude, white and black will always work just great depending of your outfit and it won’t draw attention to itself so pack them all.  If you’re wearing anything showing your shoulders then you’ll need a strapless bra.


 I always recommend my clients to wash their hair the night before, there’s nothing sexy or modern about greasy hair and on the other hand when hair is too clean, as it washed just before the shoot it can be static-y, overly soft and hard to control. Your body hair is very personal and we respect whatever your look is, but if you shave/wax we recommend to do it at least 3 days before the shoot.

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Being prepared is crucial so you can be confident that you’ll look your best.

The night before drink plenty of water, have a good beauty sleep and don’t forget to pack everything including your best mood. 

See you soon

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